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Alcohol's Effect on Individual Campuses



The Tragedy of a Missing Student


As a father who had the unfortunate experience of being informed that our bright, caring daughter lost her life on a college campus, I can still only imagine how much more profound the grief and agony is when one's child is missing, but all indications are that they too somehow met a horrible death.  Hope continues for a less troubling result, but the unknowing must be continuing, unbearable prison.

Unfortunately, there are too many such stories over the years.   Many of these involve excesses related to alcohol  which all seem to share a common element, the individual placed themselves in a situation where they could not control the outcome.  (Although not a missing person situation, this loss of outcome control was my daughter's prime failing after acting prudently up to the fatal decision.)

Many missing student situations eventually are resolved with confirmation of the worse.   Currently there are two where the students have not been located, Indiana University student Lauren Spierer and Peru State College Student Tyler Thomas.

Hopefully by reading and then following these stories, some will conclude that the illusionary benefits of drinking excesses are not worth the risk of losing control of undesired outcomes that occur all too often. 


Missing Students Who Fate Was Tragically Resolved

David Ferguson, October 31, 2004, University of Florida Adam Falcon, November 2004, St. Lawrence University
John Fiocco Jr., 19, March 25, 2006, The College of New Jersey Lucas Homan, 21, September 30, 2006, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Gerald Smith, May 8, 2009, Indiana State University Kelly Nolan, 22, June 22, 2007, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Morgan Harrington, 20, October, 2009, Virginia Tech Julia Kathryn Gilbert, January 9, 2010, University of Oklahoma
Jonathan Lacina, 21, January, 22, 2010, Iowa State University Sean Matti, 22, July 3, 2011, Purdue University
Patrick Trainor, March 20, 2010, Purdue University

Justin Gaines, 18, November 2, 2007, Gainesville State College


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