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Many others suffered a fate similar to Kyle-see details


Kyle Sharbonno

Student dies after fall-4/3/07 Article
April 1, 2007 MnSCU battles to tell parents about drinking-1/6/08 Article
University of Minnesota Police use ‘Facebook’ event to arrest for underage drinking-3/27/08 Article

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Does this need to happen to Kyle and others?  

 Student dies after fall

First-year student Kyle Sharbonno died Sunday after falling off a U parking ramp.

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April 3, 2007

Reported that Kyle Sharbonno, 19, died from injuries caused when he fell from the third level of the Oak Street parking ramp  University police suspects no foul play.  Police were called to the accident at 1:36 a.m. "He appeared to be intoxicated," said an investigating officer.  A student said she watched him climb over to sit on the ledge where he sat there for about 10 seconds and then fell.

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MnSCU battles to tell parents about drinking

January 6, 2008      Top of  page                              Article

University officials point to a series of tragedies, including Kyle's example, in effort to change MN law to allow parental notification after an alcohol violiations.

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Police use ‘Facebook’ event to arrest for underage drinking

March 27, 2008     Top of  page                              Article


Reported that Cottage Grove, MN police ticketed 12 teenagers earlier that month for underage drinking after receiving anonymous tips, relating to a Facebook announcement of the house party they were attending. Also, University police investigators used Facebook  Kyle Sharbonno fell to his death fromaparking ramp. “The investigators looked up parties and things he was involved in on Facebook,” Police said. Now, two older students stand charged with providing the alcohol to Sharbonno that ultimately led to his death.

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