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Many others suffered a fate similar to Kurt-see details


Kurt Baker, 22

Death Of Student Under Investigation-2/26/08


February 24, 2008 Mesa College student was drinking alcohol on night of his death-2/27/08 Article
Mesa College Major SDSU drug probe nets 96 arrests in raids
75 are students; DEA took part in yearlong operation
  Does this need to happen to Kurt and others?  

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 Death Of Student Under Investigation

Man, 22, Found Unconscious At Frat House

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Kurt friends found him unconscious on his bed and called 911 when they were unable to wake him up. Kurt was in a house owned by the Sigma Pi fraternity.

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Resident of Sigma Pi dies

Mesa College student was drinking alcohol on night of his death

By: Wendy Fry, Staff Writer       Article

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Kurt Baker died Sunday night at the Sigma Pi fraternity house where he lived with members of the Sigma Pi fraternity at San Diego State in the chapter's house.  Eitan Zimmerman, president of Sigma Pi, said everything seemed normal when Baker went to bed at about 2 a.m. on Sunday but noted "He had been drinking a little bit, but not excessively."

Major SDSU drug probe nets 96 arrests in raids
75 are students; DEA took part in yearlong operation
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"Federal agents and SDSU police culminated a yearlong investigation into drug dealing around campus yesterday, the first anniversary of a freshman's cocaine-related death."

"Ninety-six suspects, including 75 SDSU students, have been arrested on drug-related charges as a result of the undercover operation, launched after Jenny Poliakoff, 19, was found dead in her off-campus apartment after a night of celebration with her sorority."

"An early-morning roundup of 18 of the suspects had the campus in an uproar yesterday. Students and staff members traded updates about what was going on at Cox Arena, where agents processed and questioned dozens of people.  In addition to the arrests, authorities seized 4 pounds of cocaine, 50 pounds of marijuana, $60,000 in cash, three handguns and other drugs and paraphernalia."

"As the investigation was unfolding, the campus dealt with another drug-related death. An autopsy showed that Mesa College student Kurt Baker died Feb. 24 at an SDSU fraternity from oxycodone and alcohol poisoning."

Staff writers Tony Manolatos, Angelica Martinez and Debbi Farr Baker and library researchers Erin Hobbs and Beth Wood contributed to this report.

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