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Many others suffered a fate similar to Dustin-see details

    College student dies after fall-3/14/08


Dustin Michael Bauer Seniorís death stuns campus-3/20/08 Article
March 12, 2008 Death raises questions about college student drinking-3/14/08 Article
St. Mary's University    
  Does this need to happen to Dustin and others?  

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College student dies after fall

Mount St. Mary's senior, a graduate of Calvert Hall, was injured at residence hall

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March 14, 2008         Article

Dustin died when he fell 10 feet off a stairwell and landed on the floor of a residence hall.  Dustin was critically injured about 1 a.m. Sunday when he apparently leaned too far over a railing and fell to the tile floor below.


Seniorís death stuns campus

by Jeremy Hauck and Margarita Raycheva | Staff Writers         Article

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Six days after the death of Dustin Bauer, the Web site dedicated to the memory of the 22-year-old senior at Mt. Saint Maryís University had received more than 33,600 hits.

Read how friends and family remembered Dustin.

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Dustin Bauer, 22, of Lutherville, died Wednesday night after falling over a railing at Mount St. Maryís University. Alcohol may have been a factor, a university spokeswoman said.

"The death of a Mount St. Maryís University student from Lutherville has prompted educators to call for a crackdown on college drinking.

ďProbably the greatest alcohol problem we have is on our college campuses,Ē said Michael Gimbel, drug abuse educator with Sheppard Pratt Health System."

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