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  Nothing found in river search for missing student-5/9/08 Article

Nicholas Garza

Information about Middlebury student Nicholas Garza '11-5/28/08 Article
February 5, 2008 In Middlebury, Garza mystery solved-5/29/08 Article
Middlebury College Garza's autopsy to get 2nd review-5/29/08 Article
  Police: No charges in Middlebury student's death-8/28/08 Article
  No charges forthcoming in Garza case-8/28/08 Article
  Garza was intoxicated, police say-3/14/09 Article
  MPD announces close of Garza case-3/19/09 Article

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Does this need to happen to Nicholas and others?  
Former Middlebury College President John McCardell is the leading force behind the initiate to lower the legal drinking age to 18.  Consider the legacy that he left at Middlebury in relation to the reporting of Nicholas's tragedy in evaluationg the merits of Mr. McCardell's efforts.

 Nothing found in river search for missing student

May 9, 2008         Top of  page          Article


Reports that rescue teams searched for two days for Nicholas but no trace of him has been found.  Nicholas was last seen Feb. 5 when he left a campus party.

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Information about Middlebury student Nicholas Garza '11

Wednesday, May 28, 2008        Top of  page           Article

Reported that the body the police recovered  has been positively identified as Nicholas Garza .

Ronald D. Liebowitz
Middlebury College


In Middlebury, Garza mystery solved

By Adam Silverman, Free Press Staff Writer
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May 29, 2008                                            Article


Reports on the status of the investigation and Nicholas' movements of the fatal night.

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Garza's autopsy to get 2nd review

August 29, 2008         

By Gordon Dritschilo Herald Staff         Top of  page


Reports that "The autopsy of Nicholas Garza is complete, but police said they are withholding the results as his family gets a second opinion."


Contact Gordon Dritschilo at

 Police: No charges in Middlebury student's death

The Associated Press            Article

Article Launched: 08/28/2008 06:35:12 AM MDT     Top of  page


Reports that "Police say they do not plan to charge anyone in the death of 19-year-old Middlebury College freshman Nicholas Garza, saying all evidence points to him simply getting drunk, falling into Otter Creek and drowning."

"The 19-year-old Garza, from Albuquerque, N.M., was captured on videotape Feb. 3 using a fake ID to buy alcohol. He disappeared after a campus party on Feb. 5, and his body was found in the creek May 27 after extensive searches."

 No charges forthcoming in Garza case

By Adam Silverman           
Free Press Staff Writer
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August 28, 2008

Reports further details of Nicholas' fatal night.

Contact Adam Silverman at 660-1854 or


Garza was intoxicated, police say

By John Curran, The Associated Press

March 14, 2009          Top of  page

Reports that:

"A Middlebury College freshman who died under mysterious circumstances last year was drinking heavily in the hours before he vanished from campus, and investigators found no evidence to suggest the death was anything more than an accident, police concluded in a new report. Nicholas Garza, 19, of Albuquerque, N.M., disappeared Feb. 5, 2008, during a winter break at the college, prompting months of searching. His body was found May 27 in nearby Otter Creek."

"In it, investigators said Garza and fellow student Taylor Smith consumed at least 18 shots of rum and tequila between 8:15 and 9:30 p.m. in a dormitory room the day he went missing. He vanished after leaving a friend’s room in another dorm at about 11 p.m., according to the report.  Garza had bought the rum and tequila two days before his disappearance using a fake ID, Smith told police."

"Using information provided by witnesses about Garza’s alcohol intake, the director of Middlebury College’s health center, Dr. Mark Peluso, estimated the student’s blood-alcohol content would have been between 0.24 percent and 0.33 percent, according to the report by Sgt. Michael Christopher. That would be far above the legal limit for adult drivers (0.08 percent)."

"Investigators also concluded Garza drank frequently and often heavily during his time on campus, and on one occasion he wandered off while intoxicated and apparently disoriented on a meandering path similar to the route police dogs determined he followed after he last was seen."

MPD announces close of Garza case

By: Kelly Janis      Article

Posted: 3/19/09  Top of  page

Reports that according to the investigator's report, Garza consumed at least 18 shots of liquor the night he died, and there is no evidence of foul play in his death.

Also reported that "Prior to the release of the investigation's findings, the College never formally acknowledged the role of alcohol in Garza's death."

"The nature of college life is this: When you go to school in northern New England and have the kind of winters we have, and students drink the way they do, you put yourself in harm's way," Spears said. "And who's going to handle the consequences? We have to look out for one another. And I hope that understanding begins to creep into student life if it isn't there already." From Acting Provost Tim Spears, Middlebury College.

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