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Many others suffered a similar fate-see details

    FSU student killed, Tampa man wounded in accidental shooting-1/9/11


  Update: FSU student arrested in connection with shooting admitted to drinking earlier in day-1/9/11 Article

Our Opinion: Safety courses


Ashley Cowie, 21

In Florida, chilling testimony against guns on campus-1/24/11


January 9, 2011 Slain Student's Father Discredits Gun Bill-1/23/11


Florida State University

Coed's Death Shows Preciousness Of Life-3/1/11 Article 
  Some Sanity in Florida Senate: Guns Won't Be Allowed on College Campuses -3/10/11 Article

FSU Shooting 911
Call: 'Did you Kill


  FSU student Evan Wilhelm sentenced to 20 years in prison-6/16/12



Former FSU student convicted of manslaughter-6/25/13


FSU Shooting Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House Officialy Shut Down: Evan Wilhelm Sentenced To 20 Years, Shooting Of Ashley Cowie Accidental Due To Wilhem's Intoxication-11/20/14


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Does this need to happen? Alcohol culture persists despite law aimed to prevent-see more.

Ashley was accidentally shot by an intoxicated fellow student who was displaying his rifle.   After a desperate, but tragically, futile attempt at revival by Ashley’s twin sister, Amy, Ashley lost her life.   Ashley’s father subsequently was instrumental in halting the Florida’s legislature’s attempt to allow students to possess weapons on campus, one of several states considering such a questionable move.


Amy and Ashley Cowie

Ashely's twin sister, Amy

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