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Many others suffered a fate similar to Mahalia-see details

    Officials: Body in car pulled from Fox River was Xiong-7/28/07 Article

Mahalia Xiong

Tests: Missing UWGB student was legally drunk-8/07 Article
July 13, 2007 Klimek to rule Xiong's death was an accidet-11/03/07 Article
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay    
  Does this need to happen to Mahalia and others?  

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Posted July 28, 2007

Officials: Body in car pulled from Fox River was Xiong

Medical examiner says death appears to be accidental

By Mike Hoeft                                              Top of  page                  Article
Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers

Reported that investigators identified the body found in a car pulled from the Fox River Thursday as Mahalia Xiong, the 21-year-old Green Bay woman who had been missing for almost two weeks. Xiong, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, was last seen by friends about 2 a.m. July 13 leaving the parking lot of Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley after a night of bowling and drinking.


Tests: Missing UWGB student was legally drunk

Family questions results for Green Bay woman found in car in Fox River

Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers                                 Top of  page

Reported that the family of Mahalia Xiong questioned a report that her blood-alcohol level was reported at 0.12 percent. The legal limit is 0.08 percent.

Filed by the Green Bay Press-Gazette


Posted November 3, 2007

Klimek to rule Xiong's death was an accident

Anti-seizure medication found in blood stream

By Andy Nelesen                                  Top of  page                       Article

Reported that Mahalia Xiong died accidentally. But questions remain about how an anti-seizure medication which amplifies the stupefying effects of alcohol ended up in 's blood stream before she died.  Authorities speculate that someone may have given it to Xiong to relieve a headache; however, they haven't ruled out a more nefarious reason either. "We know that valproic acid, even at low levels is medication that, when consumed in combination with another depressant of the central nervous system, will enhance that depressant," Klimek said. "Valproic acid with alcohol would cause (Xiong) to act more inebriated than she would with just alcohol in her system.

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