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"The Accident That Did Not Need to Happen."

Guest v. Hansen/Paul Smith's College-Second Circuit


Collegesí Responsibility for Student Safety-One Parentís Experience and Perspective

Kristine Guest and Joshua Rau lost their lives in the early morning hours of February 6, 2005 under unbelievable circumstances at Paul Smith's College in up-state New York.  Our collective family grief was greatly magnified when the New York State Police informed us that this tragedy did not need to happen.  Since then, we strived to have lessens learned from Kristine's tragedy produce some overall good by increasing awareness about the prevailing alcohol culture on the nations' campuses and taking action as detailed in the links in the above headings.  As of the summer of 2010, two of the major initiatives coming to their inevitable conclusion.   The end results of the efforts have proven most disappointing and unfortunately, largely unproductive.  Most distressing is the often confronting the reality that despite small pockets of concerned individuals, most in our society just do not care.  Especially hurtful is when the term "collateral damage" is used in reference to lost souls such as Kristine and Joshua.  This implies that they and many others are viewed as an unfortunate cost of maintaining the right of passage as a college tradition that many seem to hold dear.  The tragedy is a loss of many of our best and brightest.

Details and end results of our primary efforts detailed in the links to 1) result of civil court case and  2) efforts to make effective an unenforced federal law addressing campus alcohol practices. Overall, parents must call on colleges to act when a moral duty exists as well as a legal duty.

Governmental Failure to Enforce Failure to Enforce Federal Law to Protect Students-Confirmed-see IG Report-3/14/12

Campus Sexual Assaults and Alcohol---US Government in Denial  

In Loving Memory of Kristine Guest who lost her life at Paul Smith's College in February 2005.

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