Community action
  Increase parental awareness of the long and short-term risks and dangers related to alcohol use by youth  
  Make holding teen house parties involving alcohol a practice reviled similar to child abuse  
  Make high schools and middle schools a partner in the cause  
  Law enforcement officials actively and consistently enforce the underage drinking laws  
  Central towards
    Informing child about risks inherent in alcohol use
  Establishing and enforcing family established rules prohibiting alcohol use
Assume responsibility for action in other areas noted
  Parents asked informed questions at open houses and orientations
  Administrators effectively meeting their obligation to comply with a federal law addressing campus alcohol se
  Campus Safety and Security
    Consistently enforce college code for student conduct related to alcohol and drug use
Effectively intervene when confronted with dangerous activities whether or not associated with alcohol use



Adults creating an environment where teens and young adults can socialize without alcohol being constantly central to social activities

  Strike a reasonable balance between student freedoms and colleges' responsibility for student behavior
  Enact effective underage drinking laws  
  Fair, but real consequences for violators, focusing on education for first-time offenders  
  Limiting access to products by minors  
  Limiting marketing of alcohol products to minors  
  Consider increase in tax on alcohol products  
  Stop marketing to youth
  US Department of Education meets its obligation to effectively enforce a well-written law addressing campus alcohol use
  Limiting marketing of alcohol products to minors